Mia by Laurence Yep

April 24, 2011

Mia, unlike most stories by Laurence Yep, is part of the American Girls series.  10-year-old Mia St.Clair, the youngest of four children, has 3 older brothers.  Playing hockey is like a second-nature to her siblings, and although she, too, is a talented hockey player, Mia feels as though she is living in their shadow.   Thus, Mia decides to pursue figure skating.  Figure skating doesn’t come nearly as easy to Mia as hockey, but with the help of a new coach, commitment and determination, Mia follows her dreams to become the figure skater that she knows she can be. 

I can vividly remember the first American Girls book I ever read as a child: Meet Addy.  I was an instant fan of the American Girls series and went on to read any and every American Girls book that I could get my hands on.  When I discovered that Laurence Yep had written this book, I knew that I had to read it!  The story was great and very inspirational.  I’m sure that young girls would love Mia!  Best of all, those that are fans of the American Girls series can read other stories featuring Mia and even buy her doll. 

When searching for an image of Mia for my blog, I discovered that Laurence Yep wrote the continuation of Mia’s story entitled, Bravo, Mia!  Other books written by Laurence Yep focus on Chinese culture and heritage.  Some of these books include: Dragonwings, The Butterfly Boy, The City of Dragons and Auntie Tiger.

Image obtained from http://www.librarything.com


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